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Most of the organization pay their employee in a monthly cycle. When the number of employee  increases  in an organization it also increases the payroll stress. We know payroll is an unavoidable part of business whenever there is a delay in salary, it might break bond between the employee and management thereby employee tend to lose their trust  on company. So being a payroll admin though you are well known about the requirements  of payroll it is also equally important for you to manage the basis payroll processes, tax and all necessary administrative duties. Payroll process includes many tasks like updating salary, loan deduction, provident fund, leave deduction and also have to wait for the HR to complete their task to start the payroll process. Though the payroll admin is skilled to perform the payroll process there are chances to miss few information as it involves multiple number of steps and  dependencies, at the same time since payroll is a tedious process, level of accuracy is very essential. Therefore in concern with the above discussed problems there comes a solution namely valluva which is the number one HR and Payroll software in India. It is equipped with number of features and checklist and it is automated. With help of this automated HR and payroll software errors can be reduced and no steps will be missed out while processing thereby increasing the level of accuracy. Valluva also provides few checklist templates that are pre-built like employee enrollment process, confirmation process, exit process, pre payroll process and post payroll process. This software is inbuilt with payroll checklist which provides relief to the admin because admin need not deal with any complicated formula’s and ending up with errors. When the entire organization depends on the payroll admin to get paid, the pressure developed on the payroll admin is high because it’s the responsibility of the payroll admin to process the payroll with high level of accuracy without any margin for error.

Steps involved in accessing the HR and payroll software

  • To start, access the task template in checklist template which is prebuilt.
  • Assign the concern owner  along with a due date
  • “Create Payroll” gets initiated automatically the pre-payroll checklist will get activated.
  • The concerned team member receives notification of complete set of tasks associated to pre-payroll.
  • When the task is completed, the team member will mark it as completed and you will receive a notification in email.
  • The status and progress of the task assigned can be tracked.

Therefore this HR and payroll software reduces the risk of errors, reduces the work of admin and helps to process the payroll smoothly resulting in right salary calculation at right time. It also strengthens the relationship between the employee and the management.

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