If you have set up the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), enter the One-Time Password generated on your preferred 2FA login mode i.e. One-Key Token or Mobile SMS.

Appeal Form (PDF) :

overseas employees for whom CPF contributions were not made) i) Completed Annex A of Appeal Form; ii) Wage records (payslips, employment contract), for all months in qualifying year and/or preceding year for which you paid wages to him/ her; iii) Print-out of completed WCS calculator (the calculator).

Basic guide for new individual taxpayers :

Example 1: Keeping records of income and expenses Year of Assessment Records* for period Keep records up to 2023 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 31 Dec 2027 * Records include Forms IR8A, payslips, CPF statements, receipts, invoices and vouchers.

Individuals :

Simply switch to these convenient Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) modes for seamless access to services: A. Download Singpass Mobile on your smartphone to log in without passwords B. Using a mobile phone that cannot download apps?

5min guide_final :

SIMPLE 4-STEP CHECKLIST FOR TAX FILING BeSingPass2FA readytofile SingPass 2FA is needed for log in to myTax Portal. For quicker logins, download SingPass Mobile at www.singpassmobile.sgtoday. Reliefs.Rebates.Deductions.

Self-Employed :

You need Singpass 2-Step Verification (Singpass 2FA) to log in to mytax.iras.gov.sg. This means that you have to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS to your mobile phone or generated by your OneKey Token as a second level of authentication.

Getting individuals to comply :

As an employee, if your salary is paid in cash, you should ensure that you receive a payslip or a Form IR8A. You can help ensure that every taxpayer pays his or her fair share of taxes through these various roles that you play.

e-Filing your Income Tax Return :

You may apply for Singpass online and you should receive it within 4 working days. 2-Step Verification (or 2FA) is required when you use Singpass. Find out more about Singpass. If you are not eligible for Singpass, you may apply for a SFA online.

Individual Income Tax :

If your enquiry is regarding your personal tax matters, email us via myTax Mail with your Singpass 2FA. Filing/payment reminder, late payment penalty or late filing fees You do not need to email to us.

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