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Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the AI Apprenticeship Program at AI Singapore, which is a deep skilling course aimed at developing Singaporean AI talents. There, I gained hands-on experience building an open-source framework for computer vision inference.

A Record Year for the Taxman :

To mark this occasion, IRAS has engaged members of the public, stakeholders and staff in a series of activities to reflect on and reminisce about how tax administration in Singapore has evolved over the past two decades.

Awards and accolades :

Saving Jobs and Protecting Livelihoods (in collaboration with MOF) Public Sector Pro-Enterprise Initiative Award (Silver)- Redesigning IRAS Agency Appointment for Banks Total Defence Awards 2021 - National Service Advocate Award (Organisation) 2020 Public Service Transformation Awards 2020- Citizen Engagement.

Speech by Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, SMS for Finance and Transport, at Regional Perspectives on Transfer Pricing:

In fact, many tax authorities recognised the importance of the roles tax agents play and have proactively implemented strategies to engage them to help bring about voluntary tax compliance. IRAS recognises that tax agents play an important role in facilitating tax compliance.

More taxpayers file and pay taxes on time :

Beyond performing its role as a tax administrator effectively and efficiently, IRAS continued to support the growth of Singapore both economically and socially by engaging taxpayers, economic agencies and other stakeholders in discussions and reviews to improve the tax system for a competitive and inclusive.

highlights of tax changes :

EXTENSION OF FURTHER TAX DEDUCTION SCHEME FOR EXPENSES INCURRED IN RECRUITING OR RELOCATING OVERSEAS TALENT The further tax deduction scheme (which expires on 30 September 2008) has been extended for another 5 years to 30 September 2013.

Transfer Pricing Guidelines Special Topic – Commodity Marketing and Trading Activities (First Edition) :

Human capital 5.8 Singapore offers a multi-lingual talent pool that possesses the knowledge and cultural awareness to facilitate marketing and trading with the world’s largest growing markets such as China, India and ASEAN.

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