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Claims Management System

Simply a tidy, mess-free and a smarter way to implement your claims strategy

Valluva’s claim management tool will enable you to have a stress free and error free claim management which always keeps all the claims within the budget. We offer claims management system software solutions that drive a unified, omnichannel claims experience. Our claims Management Software is built to help you optimize the fast and speed, efficiency, and ease with which claims are handled and processed.
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Clarity is inversely proportional to clutter. Reduce the clutter and improve the clarity of your claim management with Valluva. Implement a claim strategy that is neat and transparent.

Valluva claim management software is a comprehensive digitalized integrated automated, touchless solution for claim management that provides you the reports workflows and user experience to enhance the efficiency of your claim management operations. Valluva is a reliable, regularly updated, and highly secured operational platform. Empower claim employees to focus on customer service and reduce the claim cycle times with dynamic workflow, rule-driven automation, and personalized user interfaces. The inbuilt APIs in Valluva enable the claimants and policyholders to have transparent workflow and communication with the organization. Stay on board with the latest technology with regular updates with Valluva.

claims management system
  • Co-payment claims, Medical claims, Transport claims, Meal claims and settings
  • Claim application- 2 levels of approval
  • Set claim rules and procedures
  • Dashboard view of applications and approvals

The powerful and interactive dashboard of Valluva gives insight into the workflow and intelligent operations. Get customization Claim or reimbursement settings for co-payment claims, medical claims, transport claims, meal claims, etc. Valluva’s claim management software enables stress-free and error-free claim management that keeps all the claims within the budget. Valluva offers the unified, omnichannel claims experience. The software accelerates the speed of operations and enhancing efficiency and easing the process of claim handling.

Digitally transform your Claim management process and remain reliable, meaningful, and competitive in the marketplace. Offer empathy and reassurance to your policyholders during their tough times by triggering faster performance with accurate calculations with efficiently architected Valluva claim management software.

Benefits Of Claims Management System

Our Claims Management System software provides all of the reports, workflows, integrations, and user experiences needed to increase the efficiency of your claims operations, reduce loss costs, and improve client/customer satisfaction. Discover the essential data about claims management systems for insurance, their main features, and benefits for your company
claims management system

Innovate Faster and Improve Operational Efficiency

• Valluva inbuilt APIs offer effective communication to claimants through SMS, phone calls, emails from anywhere anytime.
• Valluva offers Dynamic workflow and allows the transparent application approval workflow.
• Set the rules and policies and execute rule-driven automation.
• Valluva offers Personalized user interfaces.
• Data enrichment offers automation of the process where required.
• Empower claim employees or professionals to focus on customer service rather than the involved claim process to deliver the desired outcome.
claims management system

Improve Claims Handling and Reduce Claims Cycle Times

Communication is oxygen to any relationship.
• Drive effective communication to deliver a personalized and transparent solution to claimants via preferred channels. (Phone, SMS or text, email, web or mobile app).
• Valluva APIs enable you to meet them on their terms and offer a helping shoulder to reassure the customers in tough times.
• Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by increasing the efficiency of the operations and reducing the claim application-approval cycle.
claims management system

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

• Enhance customer retention by filling the gap in technology regularly.
• Valluva is a regularly updated software that allows you to stay on board with the latest technology and get the benefits of the advanced features as soon as they are available.
• Improve the operational efficiency by change deployment and faster the innovation.

Make better, faster decisions that minimize risk and maximize value with advanced analytics

Key Features of Our Claims Management Software

Powerful Dashboards

o Get an insight into the claim application and approval status and its operations with intelligent operations.
o Get real-time automated report visibility of the status of the claim application and its workflow.
o Ease the work of claim professionals with interactive data display in the dashboard department-wise.
o Valluva claim management dashboard provides information about the Nam and ID number, type of claim or subject, description, approval status, amount, date, and action.

Automated Workflows

Every operation in an organization involves a series of steps to accomplish. Claim management is the process where the claimant submits the claim application to claim professionals/ HR, and the application gets its approval from the concerned authority to reimburse the budget to a claimant meeting the standards of set rules and policies of the organization. Reduce the manual interventions and manual error with Valluva and ease the process and save time.
• Valluva offers an automated workflow through its e-claim features.
• Go touchless and accelerate the operations automatically in different hierarchy levels within a few clicks.
• Get personalized user interfaces. Valluva mobile app features offer the real-time visibility of workflows and automate the process.
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