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Adapting the right HR software into an organization leads to effective workforce management. Almost all the processes are streamlined with the help of automation process. Various employee components are integrated with the help of an effective HR software which makes the workflow of the business more transparent.

Valluva HR management software helps the business organizations in keeping track of the attendance of the employees ensuring the employee participation. This brings about lot of benefits concerning the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Apart from the basic features the HR software also takes care of other organizational tasks such as ensuring employee participation, keeping track of employee attendance, regularizing the attendance biometric device integration and many more. When a HR software can accomplish the above mentioned tass it is considered as no 1 in the company.

The capability of the HR greatly increases with the use of Valluva HRMS software.It is also more effective in dealing with complicated pay rules. The open source software can be customized according to the needs of the organization to which it needs to be deployed.

Though it is considered difficult, it can be custom made according to the needs of the customers. The time management solution of valluva HRMS helps to craft the employee of the organization according to their needs. It also helps in keeping track of the financial transactions happening across the company. Staying up-to-date on all the trends is the key to the success of the valluva HRMS. Valluva HRMS can also be viewed as the SAAS platform that helps in effectively keeping up with the business challenges. It also helps in establishing a collaborative culture among the employees of the organization to which is employed.

Biometric time management system and attendance management

The thumb and face detection of the employees can be made easy with the thumb and face detection of the employees. Based on this, the time and attendance of the employee is calculated. This helps in overcoming the inefficiencies in the traditional card-based system. Valluva HRMS has separate modules for time management, attendance management, payroll management and employee performance management respectively. It helps in formulating the solution for various business-related problems.

Do you have difficulty dealing with managing the business reports and many other things? It is the right time to adopt for an effective Valluva HRMS software. It helps to run the business hurdle free.

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