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Features of Valluva Software

In current situation, getting Human Capital Management right has been easy with 400+ HR Techs in each country but choosing the right HR Tech to enhance your talent management has became a Himalayan process.

Valluva’s Cloud based In-App Suite of HR Features easily enables the HR department to concentrate more onto their core organisational growth strategies rather than never ending manual processes.


Recruitment is the initial step of any organisation to attract and hire the most eligible candidate.

At Valluva, we focus on all aspects of hiring process right from pre- recruitment process, approvals, fit analysis to offer.


Initial integration and on-boarding will leave an unforgettable first impression to the incumbent and save tons of paper work to HR if it’s done professionally.

Valluva’s platform will help you to keep it simple and seamless.


E-Leave Module

Real time hassle free online leave management

Valluva’s Leave Management System provides you a paperless and hassle-free solution in managing employee leaves and approvals. Our automated system assists you in implementing effective leave policies, to easily streamline, track and evaluate your employees’ leave applications and approvals, hence improving workforce efficiency.

E-Claim Module

Simply a tidy, mess-free and a smarter way to implement your claims strategy.

Valluva’s claim management tool will enable you to have a stress free and error free claim management which always keeps all the claims within the budget.

Payroll Software

Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees on a given date for their contribution towards organisational growth.

Valluva eases the daunting process of payroll Software with 15+ years of expertise which includes – tracking hours worked by employees, calculating pay, calculating contribution funds like taxes, Medicare, Social Security and Provident funds

Time & Attendance

When comes to the daunting payroll processes, get your time management right then everything falls nicely in place.

Valluva’s experience has eased the time management flow process. The system will take into account on – leave and other upcoming events right from roaster processing, communicates to the employee on their required attendance and puts the manager in a good position to manage his team well.

E-Staff Portal

Valluva’s App based E-Staff portal is one step ahead of its competitors.

Task Management Module

Just like planning well and execution, co-ordination among the team members also plays a vital part in organisational growth.

Try Valluva’s Task management which keeps everyone from the team on the same page. Seamlessly co-ordinates and expedites the work-flow process within the time frame.