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attendance management system

How does an attendance management system benefit your company?

Attendance management

The maximum number of hours that an employee can work in the company is determined based on acts such as the minimum wages acts and factories act. It is essential to give a day off or overtime pay when the employee is made to work overtime above the hours as specified by the above-mentioned acts. Thus, managing the total hours worked by the employee is indeed a crucial task. This difficulty is overcome with the adoption of attendance management system. The attendance management helps the organizations in controlling and managing the extra hours worked by the employees helping them to have a happy work culture. If the attendance record of the employee is good it means that the work environment is good in turn.

Why should your organization have attendance management?

For any organizations be it a small one or a large one, attendance management is very much essential. You can determine the progress of the organization based on the data collected from the attendance management system. the core of the organization are its employees. As the contribution of the employees plays a major role in the growth of the organization, it is essential to keep track of the time contributed by each employee. This can be comprehended with the help of an effective attendance management system. doing so not only increases the productivity of the company but also helps the company reach new heights. Apart from this, maintaining an effective attendance management system helps in computing the salaries and wages of the employees more accurately.

Use of attendance management software

The attendance management system is available in various forms such as registry entry, punching machines and biometrics. These days attendance tracking is also used in geo-fencing and geo-marking mechanisms. The data gathered from the various sources is stored in the cloud which is then integrated with the payroll system. the HR software works are made easy with the automated attendance management system. several other technologies are adopted by the organizations to make the HR work more accurate.

The automated software available in the market makes it easy for the organizations to keep track of the in and out time of the employees more accurately based on the thumb impression of the employees and swiping of their ID cards.

Essential features of attendance management system

Here are some of the essential features of attendance management system.

  • Tracking the in and out time of the employees more accurately
  • Taking care of absence management
  • Cloud-based support
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee scheduling being more flexible
  • Payroll integration
  • Eliminating the missed punches

Advantages of attendance management system

The advantages of the attendance management system is not limited to the following.

  • Highly accessible
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Highly flexible
  • Seamless integration
  • Data security
  • Statutory compliance
  • Cost-effective
  • Error-free

Highly accessible

The data collected by the attendance management system is made use of the various section managers and HR managers to keep track of the resource availability. The attendance data is highly accessible that it can be accessed from any system anytime anywhere. It is because the attendance management system is cloud-based and is accessible from anywhere, it is not required to have the attendance management system installed in all the systems. Those who work from client location can use their mobile phones to mark their attendance.

Accuracy and reliability

Based on the data collected by the attendance management system, the data is used to calculate the salary and overtime pay of the employees more accurately.

Highly flexible

The attendance can be regularized every month during the last week to check if any attendance has not been marked. At times of emergency, the managers can mark the attendance of their employees.

Data security

There will be no manual intervention while saving the data in the cloud. Unauthorized entry of attendance can be prevented by integrating the attendance management system with attendance tracking systems such as biometric machine and the like. This prevents the employees and outsiders from entering the sensitive areas of the office.

Seamless integration

Attendance management system is not only linked to payroll but also to leave management system that allows the employees to easily avail their leaves.

Statutory compliance

When the attendance management software of the company isĀ  good enough, the employees are bound to get unwarranted surprises. The attendance report should be able to be generated whenever necessary for audit purposes.


The attendance management software is available in pay as you grow basis. When compared to the data collected manually, the data collected via attendance management system is highly accurate and is error-free.


Obtaining real-time reports is easy with attendance software, with which management decisions can be made effectively based on the insights. A complete overview can be obtained with a single click in case of attendance software. The presence of the employees inside the company can be monitored in real-time as well. Customized dashboards for attendance can also be created.

With Valluva customized attendance management software can be created with high efficiency and accuracy.

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