Organisations spend more than 50% of their revenue on their much trusted resource – their talents.

Each organisation is unique in their own way so as their Human Capital Management.

Valluva has 15+ years of experience and has improvised the HR management processes to be seamless and simple for any kind or size of organisation


  • 1. Payroll
  • 2. Personnel tracking
  • 3. Time and attendance


  • 4. Applicant tracking
  • 5. Performance management
  • 6. Benefits administration


  • 7. Onboarding
  • 8. Compensation management
  • 9. Learning management
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Security & Environmental Services

Given the high number of manpower turnover, finding the right HR software for Security and Environmental services has proven to be uphill process.

With Valluva, we help you focus on your business growth by doing the heavy lifting of daunting HR processes.

  • Compliance met based on industry(Security & Cleaning)
  • License and Pass Expiry notification
  • Efficient time tracking
  • Multiple projects managed efficiently in-app
  • Overtime Calculations & payroll on time
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Hospitality & Food Industry

Current global events proven to be testing times for hospitality and food industry. Valluva stands together with you to enhance the work flow process and overcome this hard time within your budget.

  • Change in shift/work-location made easy
  • Rostering and staff deployment
  • Efficient staff-turnover management
  • Events and task Management
  • Upcoming holiday and crowd management
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Retail & FMCG Industry

Fast moving world of retail industry never gives time for hefty HR manual processes – leave it to Valluva.

We make sure retail and FMCG operators thrive in business by smartifying HR processes.

  • Multiple retail/work locations
  • Multiple team management
  • In-app approvals to save time
  • New and Increased order staff planning
  • Assistance in prioritising work load
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Transport & Logistics

Just like the industry, HR for transport and logistics has to be on the move and efficient.

Valluva has improvised the HR processes of transport and logistics operators to be seamless and time saving.

  • Print friendly and mobile friendly reports
  • Approvals and sanctions made easy in-app
  • Efficient multiple team and workforce management
  • Cloud based payroll on the go
  • Project and task management
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Construction Industry

The ever-changing nature of construction industry has made it very challenging for their HR Department in strategising talent management

With the help of Valluva’s smart HR tools Construction HR department could ease their pain and make Human Capital Management a breeze.

  • Clarity in reporting structure
  • Efficient project management
  • Manpower management and attrition rate curb
  • Intuitive performance management
  • Prioritised Health & Safety focus
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Health & Medical Industry

Challenges in recruitment, selection, training, turnover and retention are some of the day to day issues that a HR professional faces in health and medical industry.

Valluva equips you with much needed cloud based tools to strategise HR and stay relevant and competitive market.

  • Efficient Employee Engagement
  • Minimised paper work
  • Minimised recruitment and turnover costs
  • Ease of use cloud based app
  • Roster planning and communication
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Oil, Gas & Shipping Industry

Valluva’s cloud based HCM suite helps Oil, Gas and Shipping industry to thrive by supporting with highly professional HR tools

  • Streamlines critical Recruitment processes
  • App based Attendance and E-staff portal
  • Easy access to Policy and Manuals
  • Seamless multiple pay runs
  • On time platform synchronisation for live data
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Education & Tuition

Education and tuition industry’s pain points begin with multiple locations, expanding over head costs, high competition etc.

Let Valluva help you thrive with one cloud based HR platform.

  • On time information synchronisation between projects
  • HR strategising made simple
  • Automatic report generation
  • Easy Payroll calculation
  • Click of a button communication
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Small & Medium Business (SMB)

Valluva equips small and medium businesses with necessary tools to compete with heavy weights.

SMB’s of any size can enhance their productivity by efficient work flow management with Valluva HCM suite

  • Cloud based HR software
  • Efficient attendance and Time tracking
  • Payroll made easy and simple
  • Industry compliance met
  • Less paper more productivity