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HR where everything begins:

Develop, reinforce, and change the culture of an organization to build talent that focuses on growth.

Are you a new startup that just entered the market? I know there would be a million things to focus on right now and getting an HR software is somewhere low on your list. But having one can always leave you out of chaos ad help you have an organized workflow. 

With cloud and technology turning the world around, traditional systems to store data and keep track of work done via spreadsheets has become a nightmare considering the time and manpower it consumes. In a developing business, it is important to have the talent pool focus on the primary function and help to achieve the organization’s goals together as a team.

As per Deloitte’s ‘2017 Global Human Capital Trends’ report, 73% of business and HR leaders consider ‘digital HR’ an important trend in human capital management.

Another survey by a 2013 OfficeMax survey says that small business owners were wasting more than four billion hours a year on administrative tasks.

Spending Too Much Time on Administrative Tasks?

A recent survey on the time taken on administrative jobs has found that workers are less productive when it comes to time spending on the primary task. It says 60% of the time was spent on primary tasks while the global average was 72%.

Looking down further it is seen that the administrative tasks take time away from their primary duties which are illustrated I detail as follows

  • 30% is spent on data entry and manual collating
  • 26% of the time is spent on project tracking and status
  • 20% is taken for invoices
  • 11% is taken on submitting their expenses and planning travel

Key Features to look out for in an HR Software Small Businesses.

So, here comes the most important question. What are the key features your company would need? Keep reading to find out.

Employee Database: Access your Employee Data anytime, anywhere by maintain a secure database.

Employee/ Management Access: It’s important to empower and enhance your employees by having features like a shared calendar, mass announcement system, and features that allow them to download pay slips and apply for leave. Apply/Approve for leave on the go along with the company holidays and policies

Time and Availability: A Customizable feature that allows you to create roasters for employees with setting up breaks and availability is a great feature to have.

Reports: With data as the new fuel, it’s important to have detailed reports to make smart decisions and drive business

Onboarding: Provide the newbies of your company with data efficiency and Training they need to get to know you.

Payroll:An error-free and efficient payroll system is a must-have to solve all your payroll concerns. Be it claims, allowances, CPF, unexpected expenses or any complex figure, it’s important to manage them without any hassle

Mobile Access: With mobile phones ruling the world. It’s important to have HR software with remote access via mobile phones to ensure that the entire organization stays connected anytime, anywhere.

An HR Solution Anyone Can Master

Worried about hiring an expert? Fret not! Valluva doesn’t need one! It is popular for its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Coming to security, Valluva is equipped with a multi-tier cloud security delivering world-class data protection for all its users.

Upsurgey our business with Cloud

Before Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) existed, companies invested in expensive infrastructure to store information. With the subscription model, you can now pay for what your company needs and enjoy scalability in your business

A One-stop-solution for all your HR takes!

Valluva is the best HR solution to help startups and growing businesses to focus on primary tasks with less paper and more people. It can be your starting point for a great and efficient HR software. Now, enjoy your all-in-one platform with 24/7 secured access for all your HR tasks by purchasing one software! This is precisely why emerging companies have to solidify their operations internally and enjoy systems that can help them reach their business goals

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