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Leave Management System

Real time hassle free online leave management system – Highly Flexible, Truly International and Enterprise level leave management system software
Leave management system

Valluva’s Leave Management System provides you a paperless and hassle-free solution in managing employee leaves and approvals. Our automated system assists you in implementing effective leave policies, to easily streamline, track and evaluate your employees’ leave applications and approvals, hence improving workforce efficiency.

  • One-time initial set-up and the rest is full automation.
  • Compliance to leave policies
  • Dashboard view of leave updates and approval status.
  • Ease in-app application and approvals
  • Assist in Roster planning

Leave Management System for Modern Workplace

Valluva leave management system or software that enables you to efficiently manage, approve, and track leave requests and absences from any device. All in one Dashboard, Configurable Fields (Leave type, holiday, Permission, and Late comes).
Benefits of Leave Management Systems
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Stop losing paper work

claims management system

Remove manual interventions

claims management system

Quickly and easily manage

claims management system

Real time visibility

claims management system

Save time and work on more task

Why choose Valluva?

Leave is a provision to stay away from work with prior approval of authorities for genuine reasons. A colleague’s idea to stay away from work temporarily cannot take away the productive job of your HR manager with complicated procedures of registering, recording, and managing the leaves in a big log of books.
Overcome these challenges of leave management system with Valluva- a feature-rich comprehensive web leave management. Set up your organization’s leave policies, paid time off, holiday and vacation, custom leave and approval path seamlessly. Configure all types of leave entitlements such as paid leave, sick leave, medical leave, leaves without pay, casual leave, etc. Valluva software powered by an interactive, analytical Dashboard offers you a transparent leave approval workflow. The hassle-free solution to your organization automates and provides real-time visibility of resource availability. Valluva is an integrated solutions that has Central control of entire work flow of leave management after the initial setup of the software. Empower your organisation with Valluva that comes with supporting mobile app to track and manage employees leave- approval workflow anytime anywhere at affordable pricing.

Save time and money

• Bid farewell to the traditional methods of spreadsheets or papers to manage your employee’s leave. Get a paperless, hassle-free solution for your kitty.
• All you need to do is initially set up the software and automate the rest of your work. The process is faster and convenient.
• Valluva is an online leave management system software that comes at affordable pricing for your small to medium-sized company.
• Your employee’s leave request in leave date gets notified to the manager via email. Approval or decline of the leaves is just a click away.
• It Calculates the total working hours, leaves balance, and retrieves the leave history of an employee in one click. Thus, save your time and energy from cumbersome calculations.

Increase efficiency

• Real-time tracking of the leave/time off request and approval workflows. It provides accurate data about the working hours of your employees. Get Timesheets integration to avoid complex calculations of working hours.
• Remove the manual interventions, automate the process. The employee can check the leave policies before applying for any leave.
• Track your employee’s leave/time offs request and approval workflow from any device from anywhere. The software comes with a supporting Mobile App.
• Valluva allows the employer to create their leave calendar. And it provides a self-service interface to check the leave balance and apply for leave online.
• Alert your manager with notifications for pending leave approvals. And hence improve the workforce efficiency.

Custom settings at all levels-flexible, everything in a dashboard.

• You can customize your company settings in a few clicks. Set up your staff, preferences, permissions location, job title, team, or employees.
• Customize holidays by location, department, or user.
• Valluva allows Flexi start and end timings for the companies having flexible working hours.
• It allows the Customization of the leave types and sets up complex leave policies for any industry and its branch offices in multiple countries.
• It Helps to set up comp off leave against extra working hours of an individual employee.
• Allows the transparent leave approval workflow in its Interactive, powerful and analytical dashboard that communicates current leave balances, request leaves, leave history to the employees and the employer.

Resource planning/ Roaster planning

• Get the real-time data visibility of who is on leave around the same time on Valluva daily, weekly, monthly, yearly calendar.
• Plan the availability of your resources daily by making sure all the key persons leave approval does not fall on the same day.
• Leave calendar allows you to screen the habitual leave takers and latecomers with its real-time tracking system.
• Plan leave with Colour coded calendar that shows you the different leave types and leave availability.
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What to looking for in an Leave Management System?
Leave Tracking
Leave management system that enables you to efficiently manage, approve, and track leave requests and absences from any device.
Approval Workflows

Leave Management System Software is an easy task if set right. The approval process forms a huge part of this whole system or Software.

Mobile App
With the trends of the world, it becomes highly important that your Leave Management System or Software comes with a supporting Mobile App.
Reports / Trends
Reports feature in a Leave Management System gives the leave pattern of the entire team or company helping in understanding the employees better.
An ideal leave management system software should have room for an sample amount of integrations, easily and cost-friendly.