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Leave management system


The greatest challenge faced by the Singapore based companies is related to the employees’ retention rate. It is found that due to poor onboarding processes more than half of the Singapore employees resign their job in the first month of the probation period itself. The employee retention rate can be sustained and the employee productivity can be increased with an effective HR management software and highly capable HR department.

Effort taken by the HR department to retain the employees

Keep track of the employees’ health

The employee retention rate can be increased by the HR department using the IoT devices like fitness rate and the like. When you equip fitness tracker to your employees, it is possible to oversee the health of the employees even more easily. It is easy to manage the employees based on the employee data collected and monitored. The employee retention rate can also be increased by conducting wellness program by the employees.

Show appreciation to your employees

The employees feel pleased when the business organization recognizes the efforts of the employees. As the employees are pleased, it leads to the creation of s positive environment where the employees become highly productive. The happy the employee of the organization is the more time the employee will stay in the organization.

Encourage the employees to learn more

The employees of the organization should be encouraged to improve their skills by sponsoring them to take up the courses. When the employees take up the courses, not only the employee will be benefited but also the organization will also be benefited. The employees with greater number of skills are considered as the greatest asset of the organization. The company will also provide increment to those employees who upgrade their skills.

Retain the employees of the organization using HR management software

The workload of the HR department will be greatly reduced using HR management software. The HRMS solely focus on improving the performance of the staff members.


The process of attendance management, leave management and payroll management is automated effectively with the help of HR management software. The automated payroll management together with the HR department makes the companies compensation on par with the standards of the market.

Integrated learning and development

This module of HR management system permits the staff members of the company to upgrade their skills by enrolling in the suitable courses. The employee can select the suitable course from the list of courses available and can enroll in the respective course. The managers can also provide their suggestion by providing the necessary improvements.

Performance appraisal

The staff members can provide performance appraisal based on their evaluation over a period of time. There are various formats available for providing the performance appraisal. Further analysis can be done by means of bell curve that is calibrated from the results obtained.

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