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HR professionals

Mistakes to be avoided by the HR professionals

The backbone of any organization is the HR department itself. This department is concerned with connecting the employees and their respective departments together. It is essential for the HR department to have a hand in the functions of all the departments of the organization. Since the entire functioning of the organization depends on the human resource department, it is essential that they should not be making any errors.

Hiring an employee

There are several factors that need the attention when the employees are hired. One of the major components being the performance of the candidate in the interview process. There may cases where a candidate who performs well at the interview may later be found to be not fit for the organization to which he / she is hired. On the other contrary a person who is found to be unfit by the HR professional may later be found to be a better fit for the role he is assigned to. Hence the process of hiring should not be based on the process of interview alone.

The employee complaints are ignored

The HR professional not only attend to the needs of the organization but also supervises the employees during work. It is essential for the HR professional to balance the two functions that he / she is performing.

The HR professionals should not side with the company management always leaving behind the employee’s concerns unnoticed. When the feeling of being ignored surfaces the minds of the employees then it may turn the working environment to be hostile. Hence it is the responsibility of them to maintain a balance between the HR professionals as well as the concerns of the employees.

Befriending the employees

On the other hand, if the HR professional gets along with the employees over a certain limit, it may result in the company interest being leaked to the employees by the HR professionals without being aware of its severity. Though it is considered as a good approach for them to befriend the employees, it is also their responsibility to ensure that the company interests are not leaked at any cost.

Being compliant

It is underestimated for the new HR to make them aware about the importance of being compliant. Failure to do so will result in several problems to be faced along the road to be travelled. It is essential to make sure not to miss the legal deadlines and to fill out the paper work properly. Though HR department is considered as one of the busiest department in any organization, it is said that for those tasks for which the compliance is forgotten, the human resource department should not deal with them.

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