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Save time and reduce admin with a selection of cloud-based payroll software systems from Valluva. Discover our innovative payroll business solutions today.

A Leading Payroll Software in Singapore

Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees on a given date for their contribution towards organisational growth. Valluva eases the daunting process of payroll with 15+ years of expertise which includes – tracking hours worked by employees, calculating pay, calculating contribution funds like taxes, Medicare, Social Security and Provident funds.
Simple and Ease of useValluvaPayrollSoftwareFilterable reportsPayroll Log and approvals dataPayroll Forecast and BudgetingCompliance to policies of companies/countries

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Benefits of Valluva Payroll Software

  • Team tracks the attendance/timesheet such as approved leaves as paid and absent days as unpaid. Expense claims are also included before running a payroll.
  • Setup payroll once and streamline almost everything. Set up the salary frequency, month and year, employee status, attendance and expense claims…and generate the payroll summary.
  • Valluva sends automatic payments based on number of days worked.
  • View and approve accurate attendance/timesheet.
  • Accurate and streamlined payments to the team members.
  • Pay on time with bank file generation.
  • Save time and optimise your productivity. Attendance Entries made manually consumes productive time. An integrated bookkeeping solution with valluva erases the difficulty and empowers you to calculate accurate working days/hours.
  • Track your payroll with payroll summary. A detailed reports of payroll are generated as a payroll summary for the selected period and criteria for a team members or as a whole.
  • Manage hours, teams and payment Save time and energy with valluva attendance/time tracking feature. Manage team and payment at ease.
  • Customisable payment frequency: choose payment for each team member and edit as needed.
  • Inapp attendance and timesheet approval:: automatically clocks the workforce in and out details.
  • Safe and secure transactions of payments.
  • Pay for time off: track and pay for time off.
Insightful and Filterable reports allow payroll forecast and budgeting.