Payroll Software & HR System

Save time and reduce admin with a selection of cloud-based payroll software systems from Valluva. Discover our innovative payroll business solutions today.

Payroll Software system
Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees on a given date for their contribution towards organisational growth. Valluva eases the daunting process of payroll with 15+ years of expertise which includes – tracking hours worked by employees, calculating pay, calculating contribution funds like taxes, Medicare, Social Security and Provident funds.
payroll software
  • Simple and Ease of use
  • Payroll Log and approvals data
  • Filterable reports
  • Payroll Forecast and Budgeting
  • Compliance to policies of companies/countries
claims management system

Easy & Fast To Use Software

claims management system

Low Cost & Good Customer Support

claims management system

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claims management system

Easy To Set-Up & Use

Benefits of Valluva Payroll Software

Safe & Secure

Time Efficient


Insightful Reports

Work Anywhere

Easy Payroll

Employee Payslip

Tax Form

Payroll Software Modules

  1. E-Employee
  2. E-Leave
  3. E-Appraisal
  4. E-Report
  5. E-Time sheet
  6. E-Tax
  7. E-Management
  8. E-Claims
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