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Privacy Policy

Privacy statements

The privacy statement has been created by Valluva as an attempt to safeguard the privacy of the subscribing organizations and its members

1. Information collection

The information collected from the subscribing organization and its members includes both the personal information as well as the anonymous information. The information is collected when the subscribing organization is found to report a problem concerning the services offered. The information collected from these subscribing organizations includes

IP address – the IP address belonging to the members of the subscribing organization are collected by valluva to diagnose server related problems and to provide the necessary technical support.

Contact information – the contact information of both the subscribing organization and its members are collected to send newsletters and necessary updates. If the user is unwilling to receive the updates and the newsletters, the user is obliged to choose his options concerning the information collection and its use.

Unique identifiers – unique identifiers refer to the login IDs and passwords that helps in verifying the identity of the subscribing organizations and its associated members registered with valluva

Demographic information – the demographic information including the profile data such as the zip code where the organization is located and the size of the organization is compiled which helps in developing the application and showcasing its content, improving the organization’s services according to the employee preferences.

Cookies – To offer our Subscribing Organizations and Members our customizable and personalized service and to better respond to any problems Subscribing Organizations and Members may experience, valluva uses “cookies”. The cookies can be used by our partners and we do not impose any control over them. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to a Member’s browser from a web server and stored on the computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The valluva cookies do not personally identify Members, but they do identify a Member’s computer. We use a cookie to record performance of the member of the subscribing organization only during the time that the Member’s browser is open. No other information is stored in the cookie. If a Member’s browser does not accept cookies, it means that the Member cannot use the Services.

2. Information distribution

It is assured that the information about the subscribing organization or the members of the organization is not sold out by valluva. This includes the personal information of the members of the subscribing organization and the organization itself. However, the information is released only when the member or the organization gives the permission explicitly. While sharing the information, the following circumstances are to be considered.

valluva needs to ensure that the personal information provided by the members of the subscribing organization is given only to valluva

The required information or the services can be provided by valluva by combining withother organizations. The sponsors and advertisers extend their support by providing funds for free features. The demographic information obtained previously is used for seeking support from the sponsors, partners, and advertisers. The distribution process should ensure that the information can be distributed in an aggregate form provided, the members are allowed to select the personal information to be transmitted and can also select the type of services that the member is willing to receive. The personal information being transmitted is subjected to the privacy policies of the respective parties. However, this does not subject to the privacy statement of valluva and we do not hold responsible for these policies.

The persona information will be disclosed by valluva only under the following scenarios

  • If the information needs to be disclosed according to the law
  • If it is believed that the information is disclosed only for appropriate reasons like
    • When someone attempts to violate the policies of valluva or may interfere with the rights and property of valluva
    • Ensure protection to the third party or the services of the subscribing organization or the valluva itself
    • One should act under urgent circumstances to ensure that the services offered are safe. It is also required to ensure protection towards the safety of the subscribing organizations and the members of valluva and to the general public.

If there are any unplanned disclosure according to the clause

The subscribing organization is not responsible for causing any unplanned disclosure of the site information provided the subscribing organization is given prior notice about the disclosure of information which abides by the terms and conditions defined to safeguard the confidential information of the subscribing organization.

3. Information sharing

It is a general rule that information concerning the subscribing organization or its members is not disclosed unless the required permission is granted or under any unavoidable circumstances.

We request to have a detailed look at our terms and conditions for each of our services which narrates about how to share the account information of the subscribing organization and its members. There are also other ways in which the information will be disclosed such as the third - party data and the aggregated user data.

4. Information security

The valluva information of the subscribing organization and its members are password protected. Hence, only the members will have access to the identifiable information. With the valluva ID and password, it is possible to edit the valluva information by the subscribing organizations. However, it is required of the subscribing organizations or their members not to disclose the login information to others. valluva assures that it will never ask for the disclosure of the login details via an unsolicited email or phone call. Thus, the subscribing organization and its members are responsible for their login and to sign out of their account once the work is completed. This ensures that even if the member shares the PC with others, nobody can access the account information.

We ----- as a global organization have users in all the corners of the world. The subscribing organizations upon providing the login information, the information is then sent to the servers electronically. This information is processed outside the country where the information is actually entered by the subscribing organization and its members. By all means, valluva ensures that the information is securely treated based on the privacy policies and the terms and conditions defined. Thus 100% security is ensured. valluva makes their best effort to provide security to their systems. Necessary measures have been taken to protect the user information which is not limited to the following

  • Employees having only limited access
  • Secured location for storing the data
  • Cost-effective security software