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Recruitment Management Software

Recruitment Management software helps recruiting, staffing and hiring agencies manage their operations by maintaining a database of applicant and job information. Recruitment is the initial step of any organisation to attract and hire the most eligible candidate. At Valluva, we focus on all aspects of hiring process right from pre- recruitment process, approvals, fit analysis to offer.
Recruitment Management Software
HR managers always want to have a platform that address the problems and pain points related to recruitment. Recruitment management software is an end-to-end hiring solution that assists recruiters who are keen to hire talents and trying hard to arm organization with talent workforce from around the world.
Recruitment is the preliminary step of any organization to hire the eligible candidates to different departments of workplace. HR managers post jobs online and attract the top eligible talents for the vacant positions that are best fit for your organization. Recruitment software helps recruiting, staffing, and hiring agencies manage their hiring process by maintaining the data base of the aspirant and job information.
Valluva is an easy-to-use web recruitment software that focuses on all aspect of onboarding candidate and automates the entire recruitment process right from pre-recruitment, approvals, fit analysis to offer. Recruitment aspects such as new position request, Job Description finalisation, Job advertisement template-Interview questionnaire & coordination, return on Investment (ROI) forecast are focused to empower recruiters to hire the top talents that best fit your organisation.
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  • New position request
  • Job Description finalisation
  • Job advertisement template
  • E – Interview Questionnaire & Coordination
  • Return on Investment(ROI) forecast

Recruitment Software Features

Bring to table the complete recruitment management software that ensure proactive recruitment process at the end of the day light going forward towards a streamlined and recruitment management cloud solution system.
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Easily manage your entire hiring process.

claims management system

Streamline your HR process

claims management system

Increase Productivity

claims management system

Applicant Tracking System

Make hiring a team effort

Collaborative recruitment software and modern applicant tracking system with easy setup, great UI, and top-rated customer support.
  1. Reduce manual work by automating the recruitment process
  2. Customize reports to meet your organization needs
  3. Boost your sourcing power Organize your recruitment process
  4. Get the offer signed before others take over your candidate
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Functionality for most Recruiting Software Singapore

claims management system
Workforce Planning: Creating pools of internal and external candidates
Candidate Acquisition: Referrals, screening, assessments, selection Sourcing: Job posting management, advertising, social media promotion
Applicant Tracking: Interviewing, background checks, candidate communication
Onboarding: Meetings, orientation, training
Analytics: Analytic Reporting and metrics embedded throughout the system

Why Valluva Recruitment software?

Valluva recruitment software is a cloud solution system that ensures the proactive recruitment process to grab the best candidates that are fit for your organisation and streamlines the entire process involved in recruitment management.
  • Centralised database – Easily manage your entire hiring process in one platform.
  • Streamline HR process and increase productivity.
  • Efficient applicant tracking system.
  • Powerful recruitment CRM that catches the eligible candidates from multiple sources.
  • Identify most relevant candidates in a blink of eye by setting skill preferences.
  • Minimise the manual time-consuming tasks by automating entire recruitment process.
  • Source, track and hire candidates in single platform.
  • Set KPI’s to optimise the recruitment the recruitment process.
  • Ensures the flexibility to screen the candidates at any given time.
  • Automate the process of scheduling interviews, inviting, tracking, and providing feedback.
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Benefits of Valluva recruitment software

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Experience simpler, faster, bias free solution to hire with Valluva recruitment is an advanced and collaborative recruitment software with great UI, best customer support that can be set up easily.
  • Increase the recruiter productivity.
  • Improve candidate experience.
  • Make better business decisions

Functionalities of Valluva recruitment software

Workforce Planning: Creating pools of internal and external candidates.
Candidate Acquisition: Referrals, screening, assessments, selection.
Sourcing: management of job posting, advertising, social media promotion.
Applicant Tracking: Interviewing, background checks, candidate communication.
Onboarding: Meetings, orientation, training.
Analytics: Analytic Reports and metrics embedded throughout the system.
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