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Recruitment Management Software

Recruitment Management software helps recruiting, staffing and hiring agencies manage their operations by maintaining a database of applicant and job information.

Recruitment is the initial step of any organisation to attract and hire the most eligible candidate.
At Valluva, we focus on all aspects of hiring process right from pre- recruitment process, approvals, fit analysis to offer.
recruitment software
  • New position request
  • Job Description finalisation
  • Job advertisement template
  • E – Interview Questionnaire & Coordination
  • Return on Investment(ROI) forecast

Recruitment Software Features

Bring to table the complete recruitment management software that ensure proactive recruitment process at the end of the day light going forward towards a streamlined and recruitment management cloud solution system.

claims management system

Easily manage your entire hiring process.

claims management system

Streamline your HR process

claims management system

Increase Productivity

claims management system

Applicant Tracking System