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It is always great to be one step ahead of your competitors in providing technological innovation. While this is more about offering the best innovative technologies and products for customers rather than company pride.

Valluva provides innovation at its best.It is exclusively tailored to provide Streamlined, and simplified solutions by offering enhancements in all the systemic, specific, and customized functions in an HR system. We pride ourselves on offering the latest, most innovative cutting edge HR system for users to take advantage of.

Our innovative Module Enhancements

Recruitment Module

  • Auto-generated Job Posting
  • Post a job by just filling out a form with a job description/ requirement. The system does the rest. It generates a link that can be posted anywhere thereby enabling all the applications to go to the system directly.
  • Allows Users to Choose and filter options.
  • Auto population of employee data in the employee module.


  • Create different rosters of your choice with different departments and employees
  • Automatically compute Overtime Settings based on:
    1. Inputted or loaded rates per succeeding hour/s as per company standards.
    2. Total and OT hour rates on Public Holidays and Working days.
    3. Buffer Time blocks either on Per Minute basis or by Half an Hour or One Hour blocks.

Handling and Processing Claims

Different claims forwarded and emerged from various countries are all converted automatically to current exchange rates of Singapore through Live MAS – Monetary Authority of Singapore. This is more useful when it comes to converting currencies from different countries.

The All-new Employee Module

  • Enables you to fully customize the number of working days and hours easily. All you have to do is enter the hours worked per day and days worked per week.
  • The system is designed to automatically access leave policies when certain parameters are filled by the employee (for instance. Maternity leave for a Singaporean citizen and a non-Singaporean citizen).
  • Fully customize and set rates based on
    1. Number of Working hours per day
    2. Number of Working hours per week
    3. Number of working hours per week and its detailed breakdown

Valluva creative experts always aim at bringing to you the best innovation in all aspects. Thereby making lives easier and working more fun! Valluva brings to you innovation at its best!

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