Time Attendance Software

Valluva Time and Attendance software helps you reduce time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as eliminating the common issues.
When comes to the daunting payroll processes, get your time management right then everything falls nicely in place.
Valluva’s experience has eased the time management flow process. The system will take into account on – leave and other upcoming events right from roaster processing, communicates to the employee on their required attendance and puts the manager in a good position to manage his team well.
time and attendance
  • Roaster Management
  • Shift Management
  • Bio-Metric/Facial Recognition/Access based Attendance
  • Time Sheet generation with filters
  • In – App attendance and timesheet approvals

Employee Tracking with Time Attendance System & App

Valluva Time and Attendance software enable companies to track employee working hours, often in the form of web-based punching and timesheets. Customized time and attendance software manage payroll, budget, and customer labor estimations.

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