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Time Attendance Software

Valluva Time and Attendance software helps you reduce time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as eliminating the common issues.
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When comes to the daunting payroll processes, get your time management right then everything falls nicely in place.
Valluva’s experience has eased the time management flow process. The system will take into account on – leave and other upcoming events right from roaster processing, communicates to the employee on their required attendance and puts the manager in a good position to manage his team well.

Attendance Management System Key Features

Time is money is all we hear in our lives. Expenditure of time has to be productive to any organization which thrives on success regardless of its size. For any organization, accurate monitoring of employee working hours is crucial because attendance monitoring is directly proportional to the accountability of your workforce. It is the time to drive out from manual complex excel sheets and punch cards to good attendance monitoring software to enhance the efficiency of the attendance management system.
Track your worker’s attendance with modern attendance management software – VALLUVA, an automated and seamlessly integrated software solution in the form of a web login interface or mobile punch-in for field or onsite employees. Streamline timesheets collection, attendance tracking, time analysis, and payroll calculation with Valluva that offers insights to the employer about their workforce. Valluva has interactive dashboards that provide real- time visibility of overtime and leave balances of your employees. Valluva’s integrated solution with payroll and timesheet influences efficient roaster planning, real-time visibility of time theft, and employee welfare. Valluva integrated with biometric devices, smart cards, and punch-in through the web or mobile app. Biometric time clock, mobile GPS clock, virtual clock are some features that offer a simplified user experience for both employee and employer with Valluva.
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  • Roaster Management
  • Shift Management
  • Bio-Metric/Facial Recognition/Access based Attendance
  • Time Sheet generation with filters
  • In – App attendance and timesheet approvals

Easy to use

The prime feature of any attendance software is to allow the employees to punch in and punch out easily and keep the record of their working hours.
1.Set initially and automate the rest of the workflow.
2.Track attendance safely and accurately using QR codes, Geotag, Geo fence, or IP restrictions. 
3.Track the latecomers by setting policies. 
4.Manage globally distributed workforce at one platform.
5.Analyse and export data in reports in a few clicks.
6.Real-time tracking of who works on what.
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Multiple devices support

These days the workforce of an organization is scattered workers working onsite, from home, and elsewhere. Get a real-time overview of the hours worked by the entire team of employees.
1.The software has a web login interface and a mobile punch-in with its mobile version for onsite and field workers.
2.Integrated seamlessly with biometric devices, smart cards, and punch in through web or mobile app
3.Biometric time clock, mobile GPS clock, virtual clock are some features that simplify the user experience for both employee and employer.

Live team progress

1.Valluva allows Live attendance tracking for immediate correction. 
2.Alert your employees nearing to policy breach with automated workflow.
3.Notify the employee of policy breach automatically.
4.The interactive dashboard communicates to the employer and employee about the resource availability at any given time.
5.Valluva offers you real-time visibility of your workforce progress by sending the reports and helps to allocate resources accurately and distribute the workload. Access all the information in a single platform. Workflow automation allows the team to stay on one page.
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Lock Timesheet

1.Valluva attendance integrated with the timesheet.
2.In-app attendance and time approval.
3.It Generates timesheets with filters.
4.The timesheet calculates hours and has the data of an employee working hours daily, weekly, monthly. 
5.Track the productive working hours of an employee and track the extra hours worked or the time theft (early goer and latecomers).
6.Timesheet with a biometric time clock or mobile GPS clock generates the reports of employee working hours anytime from anywhere.

Hourly wages

1.Valluva attendance integrated with payroll allows management payroll, budget, and labor wage estimation. 
2.Assist in employee welfare by tracking the timesheet of an employee in receiving perks and promotions.
3.Track the work hours and plan the wages for an employee on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
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Employee Tracking with Time Attendance System & App

Valluva Time and Attendance software enable companies to track employee working hours, often in the form of web-based punching and timesheets. Customized time and attendance software manage payroll, budget, and customer labour estimations.
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