Happiness Meter

Yes, employee’s happiness is the secret to hacking productivity in your business. A happy team member is likelier to be more energized, more creative, and get more work done in short time. This infectious attitude can translate into better work and customer service that, in turn, results in customer loyalty.

For starters, an unhappy workforce churns out more stress and employee burnout. When someone is sick & tired of their work environment, eventually they quit. Anyone running a business knows how expensive are those frequent turnovers.

On the other hand, a happy workforce encourages the most effective talent to stay with you. Higher retention rates result in less new employee training, more expertise staying on your team, and more quality work getting done in a short span of time.

Employee happiness has increasingly become an imperative in today’s business. There is now growing evidence that when one's employees are happy, businesses thrive. To put this claim into perspective, consider the following key statistics.

One study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it involves salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%.

Importantly, this increase in productivity isn’t linked to working more hours; these happier employees simply perform better within the similar amount of time or perhaps lesser.

Researchers followed a group of workers for British multinational telecommunications firm, for 6 months and tracked their sale conversions, attendance, and customer satisfaction. Workers also self-reported their level of happiness daily. Data showed that employees that reported feeling happy worked faster, made more sale conversions per hour worked, and adhered to their workflow schedule more closely.

The bottom line is that all those dollars, cents and time spent on employer branding, corporate culture boils down to make the employee to feel valued, like who he/she is really matters , that what he/she does has an impact and they are making progress, they’re being heard, which creates an impact and leading you and your organization forward.

Good health goes hand-in-hand with happiness. Employers that want an effective wellness program should note that happiness can benefit overall employee health and reduce MCs and medical costs. 

So, happiness is linked to productivity and exponential business growth. But how can we measure “happiness” in the workplace? 

Certainly, not everything (especially the current situation of COVID-19) is under the control of the employer when it comes to making workers happy. At Valluva’s HCM App, We have an AI integrated algorithmic approach to measure employee’s daily happiness, where every employees were simply asked to rate their day on their signing out. The results will be populated on the admin’s dashboard, therefore the organisation can take informative decisions.

Employees who feel respected and appreciated where they work are inherently more productive. Their ability to voice opinions makes them more likely to bounce ideas off one another, increasing creativity. When they feel valued and more like they’re making a difference, they’re more focused and motivated to get projects accomplished successfully.

An environment where happiness is placed before profit creates a robust employee culture. Workers get more done, which positively impacts overall financial performance.

It's not just employee productivity that happiness improves. A happy and cheerful culture creates waves across your business.

Your happiness culture will translate over into customer loyalty. Your employees' engagement with the business feels more authentic. Customers devour this. We all know when we're getting a lip service and when someone believes in their work and confident about it

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